Anonymous: kagome sucks she turned inu into a wimp and people say kikyo wanted to change him

At least he changed on his own of his own free will because it made him happy. And it took many chapters. Better than becoming out of character in one chapter for the author’s selfinsert any day.

  • 15-year-old me: MOM I'm practically an ADULT ugggh you never let me do ANYTHING in olden times i could get MARRIED *eye roll into another dimension*
  • me now: for my birthday i want food and to stay on your health insurance


These beautiful moths and butterflies look like they’re ready to flutter up and away, but they won’t be doing so because they’re wonderful textile sculptures painstakingly created by North Carolina-based artist Yumi Okita. She sews, embroiders and stitches all sorts of multi-colored fabrics to create these oversized insects, which measure nearly a foot wide. She also adds painted details along with feathers and artificial fur. With great care Okita has achieved an awesome balance between astonishing realism and fanciful invention.

Click here to view more of Yumi Okita’s gorgeous textile insect sculptures.

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Woow, this is so cool! ♥ I see my flag there! <3

Which one?

The one next between Georgia and Colombia. :)

Yay my flag is there. :D

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if you’re reading this i’m beautiful

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Still pretty proud of my response to this.


Still pretty proud of my response to this.

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Anonymous: If you prefer Kagome, does that mean you hate Kikyo?



//Of course not! Kikyo is more than just a love rival in the series, her purpose is to aid Inuyasha in moving on from the trap that they fell into and the bitterness that it caused. She is there to provide closure so that he can accept Kagome’s heart and his choices pertaining to Kikyo are understandable, she was his first real love and it ended very badly

Yes, Kikyo is a bit of a bitch in the beginning of the series, but to be fair not only did she die with a significant amount of hurt and anger towards Inuyasha, but being dead she never had a chance to move on from that. She is processing emotions and learning to accept her death and let go of her feelings for Inuyasha just as he is doing the same during the series so it makes sense that the whole ordeal between them is a real mess.

In the end though she is able to find peace and the hurt between them is put to bed and Inuyasha has been able to accept not only his feelings for Kagome but Kagome’s feelings for him. Something that would have likely been impossible without closure from Kikyo because without her, Inuyasha would have kept using Kagome as a replacement for the dead priestess.

What I am getting at is that even if you dislike her and you ship InuKag instead of InuKik, you shouldn’t wish that Kikyo was never in the story because she is so much more than a love rival and without her a true relationship between Kagome and Inuyasha likely wouldn’t have come to be.

Um what? When did Inuyasha ever use Kagome as a “replacement” for Kikyou? There’s an entire chapter that’s based on him telling Kagome she is NOT a replacement and that’s right after Kikyou’s resurrection. Besides its a bit hard to replace “no trust/no friendship” with “trust/friendship” and pretend they are the same. Which is why Inuyasha keeps saying Kagome makes him happy (not Kikyou), Kagme is his home (not Kikyou) Kagome taught him to smile (not Kikyou) Kagome taught him true strength (not Kikyou). Kikyou’s purpose in the story was to give Inuyasha the angst of failing to protect her which is why she was killed off twice in the series. When Kikyou was dying he told her she was the first woman he ever loved and that’s exactly what she was a woman he crushed on-his first love. Without her Inuyasha would not be constantly bombarded with guilt. If she had just absolved him of responsibility for her death he would have moved on more peacefully. But she never really cared enough to and was okay with him shouldering guilt for something he never did. And so he had to constantly worry about her safety and feel guilt for something that was not his fault.

Ask me Stuff! The picture in the background is mine so please do not steal. You'll find a lot of fandom related stuff in here mostly Inuyasha. Kagome Higurashi happens to be one of my most loved fictional females. Have to warn you though, Kikyou gets called a SELF INSERT to an annoying extent but thats because I honestly believe she is one. She is a character who was literally surrounded by bullshit both in the manga and the fandom. I enjoy tearing apart that bullshit. I did love her character at one point (and disliked Kagome) so I know how easy it is to love her when you don’t use your commonsense and are being brainwashed by Takahashi’s shrill fangirling every five panels. I would love her character if she was handeled with less favouritism. So that’s RT’s fault. There used to be a longass INuyasha rant on here. But really my blog is more than just Inuyasha. I’ve recently fallen in love with Samurai Champloo. My interests- politics, south east asia and the far east, social issues, fairy tales, paranormal, writing etc. The rest is just odds and ends I find entertaining. Well hope you enjoy yourself! If you want that rant just send me a message and I’ll send it to you. ;) users online v