Mughal painting shows two Africans in a group sharing a light moment. It hints at a more open-minded Indian society.
When black was no bar: How Africans shaped India’s history


Mughal painting shows two Africans in a group sharing a light moment. It hints at a more open-minded Indian society.

When black was no bar: How Africans shaped India’s history

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i don’t really think that kikyo truly loved inuyasha. maybe she felt he was a kindred spirit or something and maybe she loved him but she wasn’t necessarily in love with him. not bashing her, just saying. 

I agree so much! I never felt her love for him at all … The only time I actually saw that she cared for him was when she told Tsubaki “If you lay one finger on Inuyasha I will kill you” (or something like that) but other than that idk .. I always felt like she was kind of manipulating him to get her revenge on Naraku and stuff… When she was revived she didn’t say anything about trusting him or she loving him, she was just hella mad that her plan to make him human didn’t work… I think their whole relationship was just a “hey we’re both lonely so why don’t we get together” and THEN after they were manipulated and stuff well they had a lot of regrets and that’s just what made their “love” looks so intense


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Did I mention something about Kagome not having character development?No. Did I call InuKag “gargabe couple”? No. I made an edit of the threesome with MY OPINION respectfully given. I believe Kikyou’s love was so strong that she was reborn again as Kagome to meet Inuyasha…

They must have some soul connection

That is exactly what I’m talking about. Kikyou treated Kagome like the shit on her shoe. She has done literally jacksquat for Inuyasha dead or alive. She has gone out of her way to manipulate and mentally torture him. So why do Kikyou lovers keep trying to force this bullshit “Kikyou connection” on Kagome?



...and the girl was reborn. She had an ordinary life, an ordinary family, an ordinary everyday. 
But the love in her soul was so strong that she met him again. That was her real wish:
To be with him.

Kikyou had nothing to do with Kagome being born and loving Inuyasha. Love her on her own terms and please stop crediting Kagome’s actions to her. If InuKik is so great why do you need to go outside that pairing to get even a hint of actual love or development?

Why Stalin is an Asshole and why if you like him it freaks me out as a Polish person


Please read this on or at the very least acknowledge it happened:

tl;dr: under the guise of eliminating spies, the politburo (with Stalin on it) approved the motion (NKVD Order № 00485) of mass arresting and killing Polish people living in the Soviet Union, even people who were born and raised there, and the methods were pretty hamhanded so people were targeted simply for having Polish-sounding names regardless of whether or not they were actually Polish. Polish women were sent into labor camps in Kazakhstan as per  NKVD Order № 00486, and children were stolen from their families and raised in orphanages to erase their Polish identity.

111,091 Poles and people accused of having ties to Poland were sentenced to death. 

28,744 were sent to a slow working death in labor camps.

"It is estimated that Polish losses in the Ukrainian SSR were about 30%, while in the Belorussian SSR… the Polish minority was almost completely annihilated."

Polish women were deported to Kazakhstan to serve in labor camps.

Their children were sent to orphanages to be robbed of their Polish heritage and raised as Soviet.

Josef Stalin approved of and signed off acts of genocide. If you support Stalin, you are a genocide apologist.

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Ask me Stuff! Just search the "anon" tag for answered asks. :) The picture in the background is mine so please do not steal. I'm 23 and work for a living. I hate orthodoxy of any kind. Doesn't matter to me if you are a Muslim militant, Isreali settler, rioting Hindu or gay hating Christian. I hate you all equally. That's all you need to know about me ;) You'll find a lot of fandom related stuff in here mostly Inuyasha. Kagome Higurashi happens to be one of my most loved fictional females. Have to warn you though, Kikyou gets called a SELF INSERT to an annoying extent but thats because I honestly believe she is one. She is a character who was literally surrounded by bullshit both in the manga and the fandom. I enjoy tearing apart that bullshit. I did love her character at one point (and disliked Kagome) so I know how easy it is to love her when you don’t use your commonsense and are being brainwashed by Takahashi’s shrill fangirling every five panels. I would love her character if she was handeled with less favouritism. So that’s RT’s fault. There used to be a longass INuyasha rant on here. I tried to pretend this wasn't a trashy Inuyasha blog but sadly that's exactly what it is. My other interests- politics, south east asia and the far east, social issues, fairy tales, paranormal, writing etc. And sometimes I cry and whine over where my beloved country is heading. The rest is just odds and ends I find entertaining. Well hope you enjoy yourself! If you want that rant just send me a message and I’ll send it to you. ;) users online v