I love mermaids! Can you tell?


I love mermaids! Can you tell?

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everythinghasasoul: oh and one last thing, i dont know if you're still being a bitch, but if you want to convince people that kagome's so wonderful maybe you should be smarter and stop acting like a kid. be polite. be persuasive in what you write. personally, i dont give a flying fuck if people agree with me, so i dont need to. but u seem to be offended by people disagreeing with your view on kagome, and if you want to convince them, be SMART about it, and try manipulate them. bye kisses

Are you even paying attention to yourself? Be polite: maybe you should follow your own advice? Tagging hate without even bothering to give a halfway decent explanation and now whining about others being “rude”

Why should I try to convince anyone? I know that I’m right because unlike you I’ve put thought into it and defended it with explanations.

Personally to me manipulation and hypocrisy are the most disgusting traits any person can have. So don’t expect that from me any time soon. Bubbye.

everythinghasasoul: LMAO.... i knew you'd attack me liking justin. SO predictable. and? because liking pretty boys with charismatic personalities (unlike kagome) and catchy cheesy pop music is a crime? and you really think i'd send you kagome anons, i'm not a wimp. A LOT of people hate kagome, and on oceanup(i went for my bb and other celebs) i talked with everyone i made friends with someone who bitched about you. and i dont even hate her, sometimes i like her, i was just critiquing her character. now gtfo

Critiquing her character by calling her Bella swan. How original. Not. Yawn. Eh you Kagome haters are more or less the same- unoriginal. Unintelligent. Hypocritical.

JB is a sad excuse for a human being. So I judge you based on that.

Amazing coincidence how you and Miss Anon come from the same country.

Like I said not interested mate. Go play with someone else.



Happy belated birthday, jasjuliet!!!




u know arctic monkeys is actually a cute name but when u see who’s in ithe band


vampire weekend is the opposite though


franz ferdinand is exactly what you expect


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lol… i find it funny how tv tropes insults bella swan but gushes on that kagome chick from inuyasha when they’re pretty much the same. and yeah i read twilight books years ago (i was 14) and enjoyed it, tbh. 

Read the manga dumbass. Last time I checked Kagome did not get anything on a silver platter and had to work towards everything. She didn’t even get a kiss for crying out loud. Now Kikyou on the other hand is the Japanese Bella Swan. Glorified senselessly and being the author self insert. She even has bell in her name Chinese bellflower lol.

Uh. First and foremost I have zero respect for you or even any desire to interact with you seeing as you are the annoying idiot who has been spamming me with anti kagome anons. 

You have Justin Beiber as your icon. Even if I didn’t know you I would automatically want nothing to do with you.

You believe Kikyou was a selfless, self sacrificing and sympathetic person. The sympathetic is possible but the first two? LOL you obviously have no reading comprehension. Kikyou never made any sacrifices; the most important thing (give up her pride and join with the good guys to clean HER mess, one which led to the deaths of so many, she couldn’t do) I have zero respect and sympathy for her. On top of that she was a boring marysue who’s every wrong action (and their consequences) was dishonestly hand waved away by Rumiko T. ugh.

Bye. See you never,





women grow hair on their boobs and their butts and their legs and their arms and their stomachs and their face and really anywhere their genetics decides to have hair and it is perfectly normal what isnt normal is men who have never touched a razor trying to shame women for not looking like a hairless baby


shout this loud.

Yes. Let’s normalize normal things

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Ask me Stuff! The picture in the background is mine so please do not steal. You'll find a lot of fandom related stuff in here mostly Inuyasha. Kagome Higurashi happens to be one of my most loved fictional females. Have to warn you though, Kikyou gets called a SELF INSERT to an annoying extent but thats because I honestly believe she is one. She is a character who was literally surrounded by bullshit both in the manga and the fandom. I enjoy tearing apart that bullshit. I did love her character at one point (and disliked Kagome) so I know how easy it is to love her when you don’t use your commonsense and are being brainwashed by Takahashi’s shrill fangirling every five panels. I would love her character if she was handeled with less favouritism. So that’s RT’s fault. There used to be a longass INuyasha rant on here. But really my blog is more than just Inuyasha. I’ve recently fallen in love with Samurai Champloo. My interests- politics, south east asia and the far east, social issues, fairy tales, paranormal, writing etc. The rest is just odds and ends I find entertaining. Well hope you enjoy yourself! If you want that rant just send me a message and I’ll send it to you. ;) users online v